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The addition of a brushless EC motor to the Bosch GSB 18 V-EC Professional has doubled the lifespan of this popular compact tool.

“This forms part of the ‘dynamicseries’ from Bosch, a series of compact tools with a long battery runtime based on tried-and-tested models,” Campbell Mhodi, Bosch Professional Power Tools Senior Brand Manager, explains.

“They have a much longer lifespan thanks to the EC technology, lasting twice as long as competitor tools. This makes these compact tools especially suitable for serial applications, allowing for quick and efficient operations in finishing trades such as electricians, plumbers, and joiners,” Campbell elaborates.

Bosch’s brushless EC motors are completely maintenance-free, unlike conventional DC motors with carbon brushes. In addition, the former operates at an efficiency rate of 80%, as opposed to the 60% to 70% efficiency rate of the latter.

“This high efficiency also means the tools do not get as hot, and can perform up to 30% more work per battery charge,” says Campbell. In addition, Electronic Motor Protection (EMP) protects these compact tools against overload by shutting the motor down immediately if it stalls. The EC technology also allows for a compact and lightweight design.

Optional accessories for the GSB 18 V-EC include CYL-9 multi-purpose drill bits for a range of diverse construction activities. These drill bits feature an active centring tip for active cutting in concrete, fine-grade highly-durable carbide, extra-long life and best wear resistance, and diameter-optimised brazing and hardening technology to increase the robustness of the drill bits, and also to reduce vibration during drilling.

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