One Size Does Not Fit All


Releasing agents are a valuable part of any construction project, ensuring that concrete does not stick to formwork or moulds. The Chryso Dem range takes this technology another step forward with a brand to suit every application.

According to Hannes Engel­brecht, general manager:inland at Chryso Southern Africa, getting the best results requires choosing the appropriate release agent,
as there are specific formulations for all options in­cluding timber formwork, manmade formwork and decorative concrete, as well as wet or dry precast.

” It is false economy to just use the cheapest releas­ ing agent available,” says Hannes, “as the cost is relatively low when compared to the value of the formwork or mould. Our range ensures easy, clean release of the formwork or mould from the concrete, without damaging either.”


The products reduce the likelihood of any imperfec­tions and surface damage to the concrete, such as blowholes, creating more durable and attractive concrete surfaces.

“It is important to remember that the quality of the Chryso Dem range ensures there is no adverse effect on the adhesion of subsequent finishes and coatings,” he adds. “This allows plaster, paint or other coatings to be applied to the concrete with no associated problems; the release agents are also water repellent, so are not affected by rain.”

“The Chryso Dem range is a fundamental change for an industry that is accustomed to a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to release agents,” says Hannes. “It is also raising the bar among users, who will now start to expect better results.”

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