Varied Construction Jobs


Finding a rock drill that is versatile enough to work in all areas is a top
requirement of construction fleet owners especially when the pressure is on.

In this type of application, the Furu­ kawa PCR200 rock drill is the perfect companion. It is compact, yet powerful enough to undertake heavy drilling jobs in terrain that would be inaccessible to larger rigs.

Simultaneously, due to its smaller footprint, it is also able to operate in the type of comparatively confined spaces that are often encountered in geotechnical and civils-types of applications.


According to James Linton, national product man­ ager for ELB Equipment, the sole distributors of Fu­ rukawa Rock Drills in southern Africa, the reason for the success of the rig is its go-anywhere versatility and simplicity. “Today a contractor might be drill­ ing for foundations in an urban environment and tomorrow may require drilling to be done on top of a rock outcrop in a rural environment.

“The Furukawa PCR200 there­ fore provides them with an opportunity to tow it behind a vehicle across the rough­ est terrain where it can be pneumatically driven to the end-location where drilling will take place.

“This has earned it the nick­ name, Klipspringer, which is a small and agile antelope that can jump from rock­ to-rock while maintaining speed and stamina to elude predators.”

Ideal for many applica­tions

He adds that the rig is a fully pneumatic crawler drill with a top hammer operation. Despite its size, it is a very powerful machine that has the ability to drill up to 102mm holes up to 20 metres in depth which is ideal for smaller-scale blasting.

It also has a manual rod feed up to 20m with the ability to swing the boom horizontally and drill holes for founda­tions work and for pin bolts in ground stabilization etc.

The Furukawa PCR200 also features dual control systems, on the platform and on the mast, which enables the operator to control drilling without an assistant. This makes it ideal for civils, small opencast blasting, pipeline installations, geotechnical, oversize boulder drill­ ing, electric pylons or wherever holes are required.

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