In Touch House Roof Repair

When a leaking roof caused problems recently at an NGO in Krugersdorp, Sika Gauteng not only gladly sponsored its top quality waterproofing products, but also sent a team of staff members to personally apply the products.

The site of the project was Deo Gloria House, a well established NGO that has been feeding the surrounding underprivileged communities for almost ten years. The area to be waterproofed was 200m2.

Armed with paintbrushes, brooms and scrapers, all kindly donated by Academy Brushware, the Sika team commenced this special project by applying the waterproofing system. Firstly all the cracks were filled and sealed using Sikaflex-11 FC. Following this, all the joins between the flat roof and walls were sealed and waterproofed with Sika BlackSeal-Lastic.

After all product had dried, Sealoflex Professional was applied over the entire flat roof.


Sika BlackSeal Lastic is an easily applied, non-toxic, rubberised bitumen emulsion supplied ready for use. It provides non-sag, crack bridging properties and remains flexible even at low temperatures.

Joint sealing on the roof was achieved using Sikaf­ lex-11 FC (Brown), a one-part, moisture-curing, elastic joint sealant and multi-purpose adhesive based on polyurethane. It is solvent-free and odourless with very low emission and provides excellent adhesion and bubble-free curing.

Fibre reinforcement
Waterproofing was completed with an applica­tion of Sealoflex Professional (Grey/White), a single component, acrylic-based, waterproofing compound containing special fibre reinforcement that eliminates the need for a separate reinforcing membrane layer.

The weekend after application saw heavy rains hit the Krugersdorp area and a very happy Franco Laubscher, the driving force behind this project, was pleased to report that there was not one leak.

After its leaking roof has been expertly waterproofed by Sika, Deo Gloria House can continue providing food on a daily basis to approximately five hundred children and sixty-five senior citizens in the commu­nities of Krugersdorp, Munsiville, and Randfontein.