Small Footprint, High Power


Smith Power Equipment (SPE), recently announced the arrival of the Kubota KX080-3S Super Series 8-ton excavator.

Ideal for tough construction projects that require high power and performance in confined spaces, the KX0S0-3S can do just about anything that larger conventional machines can do.

Tom Bloom, SPE General Manager: Construction Equip­ment, remarks, “With its compact size, the KX0S0-3S can achieve a high level of industrial performance on space-restricted construction sites, making it a unique proposition for local contractors needing substantial power on space-restrained urban sites.”

Auto idle system

The KX0S0-3S boasts a tight tail swing and due to its tight tail design and shorter rear overhang, the machine has improved stability, is equipped to handle a wider range of loads and can function comfortably in far more restricted spaces than traditional tail swing excavators can.

The innovative auto idle system on the KX0S0-3S helps saves up to 10% on fuel, prompting the engine to idle automatically when it senses the control levers in neutral for longer than four seconds. The engine immediately re-engages if the control levers are moved. The auto idle feature aids in noise reduc­tion, exhaust emissions, and overall operating costs. Is equipped to handle a wider range of loads and can function comfortably in far more restricted spaces.

Unique features

The 3-pump hydraulic system is a load-sensing sys­tem that makes use of three independent pumps for boom, arm, and swivel for more efficient bucket operation. The high capacity control valve and hy­draulic variable pumps of the system enable high-performance shoveling and loading.

Several other unique features of the Kubota KX0S0-3S excavator set it apart from its competitors, including stability, range, oil flow control, its electric fuel refill­ing pump, auto-shift, and boom lowering prevention.

According to Tom, serviceability is a critical aspect of any good machine and the triple-opening bonnet is one of the KX0S0-3S’ strongest features. “Maintain­ing this machine could not be easier, as all three of its access panels can open simultaneously,” he notes, adding, “This feature makes for easy inspec­tion and access to the hydraulic components under the centre hood or the battery, oil filter and toolbox under the right hood.”

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