Pragma’s New Managing Director

After joining Pragma in 2014 as Cape Regional Manager, Kolosa Madikizela is stepping up to take over the reins as Pragma’s new Managing Director (MD) for the African region.
Kolosa has a gift for inclusive decision-making. It allows her to drive diversity of thinking and experience, resulting in well-conceptualised ideas and better decisions with buy-in from her team members.
As MD, Kolosa will be responsible for the execution of the organisation’s strategic plan with a team of 200 plus employees and to ensure that Pragma’s culture of diversity and inclusiveness remains intact.
“I hope to use my new position as a source of inspiration for young people of colour in our country. As a team at Pragma, we actively drive the transformation of the existing engineering fraternity. I strive to maintain and build our current initiatives in support of this goal,” says Kolosa.
She has extensive experience in facilities management and maintenance strategies. While she started her career at Total Facilities Management, she has also shown her mettle as a general manager for the Aveng Group at Aveng Water, as CEO at Nexus Facilities Management and at Shell SA as Facilities Management Contracts (FMC) Manager.
Kolosa holds a Master of Technology Degree in Construction Management from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. As an activist for women’s rights, her research topic for her Master
of Technology Degree in Construction Management was centred on the career progression of females in historically male dominant industries such as property and construction.
She balances work and her private life by going to gym, hiking, teaching and reading. Her hobbies include cooking, space planning, interior decorating and writing. “I love uplifting others around me and knowing that someone has had a very positive encounter with me, in whatever form. I like to leave some goodness wherever I go.”

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