Zero-emission Litter Picker

Rapidly increasing urban populations are placing increasing pressure on the sustainability of city environments. This has meant that broom, picker and refuse pushcarts have given way to more compact, electrically-operated, zero-emission cleaning equipment.
Goscor Cleaning Equipment (GCE) has launched a compact sweeper that not only saves time thanks to its powerful battery, but is also easy to operate, and enhances hygiene, safety, and environmental awareness, GCE General Manager, Greg Venter comments.
The special narrow design (780 mm wide, 1 480 mm long and 1 760 mm high) means that the GM1ze is ideal for use in confined spaces. Double soundproofing is standard, with an acoustic level approaching that of absolute silence.
It uses 24 V, 36 V or 48 V lead acid batteries, giving it an eight- to 16-hour operating window, depending on the application. The machine is powered by an 0.85 kW motor (electric axle with permanent magnet DC motor and integrated parking brake), and produces 1.5 kW of suction power (brushless DC). It has an 18 m2 dust filter, and a suction pressure of ≥25 mbar.
The GM1ze’s water system consists of an electric water pump and an intermittent water spray nozzle, with a 10 litre water tank. The mounted 125-mm-diameter suction pipe features an anti-clogging grid to prevent blockage by debris such as plastic bags, paper, and leaves. Made from lightweight fiberglass, this pipe weighs less than 1.5 kg.

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