Light Compaction Equipment

ELB Equipment has extended its range of Ammann compaction equipment to include an impressive range of light compaction and walk-behind machines.
According to Craig Sheppard, national product manager for ELB Equipment the machines are ultra-efficient and “punch well above their weight” when compared with traditional machines in their size and weight category.
They are also extremely versatile and can provide users with a multitude of options when used on site.
“For example, our range of rammers have a number of additional attachments that can be fitted to increase options on site, whether it be for longer stem, broader or narrow plate or different setup options. Dependent on the application, being for paving, roads or trenchwork, it is an advantage to be able to select from a wide range of attachments and pads.”

Plate compactors
On the larger plate compactors and reversible plate compactors, the range is even more versatile offering a variety of options per machine, across a wide range of models.
These models range from standard forward compactors of between 70-100kg in either diesel or petrol versions, to much larger reversible models of up to 440kg and the flagship hydrostatic models that weigh-in up to 778kg.
The large Ammann hydrostatic plate compactors provide far better compaction than traditional rollers. They also have the advantage of having a smaller footprint (and are usually narrower) making them additionally suitable for use in trench applications.
The addition of up to three exciters in larger plate compactor models also ensures that the vibration and resonance provides the quickest and best possible settling of fines for quicker and more effective compaction.
Ammann also has compaction meters that can be fitted to the entire range of machines to ensure the right compaction is achieved on site.

World-leading ergonomics
“Without exception, our machines are designed to be ergonomically efficient with reduced vibration transmitted to the handle, as well as having more comfortable and easier to use controls.
“This enables operators to work for longer hours with less risk of repetitive-type injuries which can lead to costly health and safety implications and time-lost injuries.
“What’s more, in southern Africa the machines will be fully supported by the extensive ELB Equipment branch and dealer network. Customers will also have access to ELB Equipment compaction experts to ensure that they make the right decisions for their operations,” concludes Craig.

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