Maintaining Equipment

Equipment is a significant factor in construction, especially in the heavy segment of the construction industry. However, many factors affect the productivity of construction equipment.
Rand-Air outsources compressed air and portable power supply to many construction sites and mining plants.
Unavailability of equipment and breakdown ultimately impacts equipment productivity and the overall performance of the project.
Says Craig Swart Rand Air spokesperson, “We understand the headache and stress associated with downtime which is why we make it our business to provide our customers with well-maintained machinery for their requirements.
“We also ensure that if any breakdown of our equipment on site arises, that these are swiftly attended to,” he adds.
An effective maintenance program should never be overlooked as it plays an integral role in the success of your projects. By selecting a reputable outsourcing partner, this responsibility does not lie with you.
You are investing in a fully inclusive rental price which comprises of regular maintenance, parts, labour and an on-call technician.