Tile Fixing

Saint-Gobain Weber has introduced an easy-to-use tile fixing product called Epox-easy. This is a convenient two-component epoxy adhesive and grout, which can be used for interior and exterior tiling applications on floors and walls.
Epox-easy is specially formulated to fix tiles where very high bond strength, toughness or flexibility is required and for grouting where chemical resistance and/or complete non-permeability is required.
This includes sites such as hospitals, laboratories, laundries, dairies, abattoirs, breweries, distilleries, refrigerated rooms swimming pools, car-wash bays, where increased durability is needed.
“This product contains a unique pigmentation system, which effectively locks colour into the sand, reduces the risk of staining and makes the residue much easier to remove from the tiles,” says Tiisetso Mokotjo, Tile Fixing and Waterproofing Product Manager, Saint-Gobain Weber.
“When set and solidly bedded it forms a robust layer, which is impermeable to liquids, resistant to chemicals, easy to sterilise, clean and maintain and is resilient to pressure washing.”
Epox-easy is quick and simple to mix. The 5kg bucket contains two components. The two components must be thoroughly mixed to achieve a uniform colour and consistency, preferably using a mechanical mixer at a slow speed.
Unlike most epoxy based products; the Weber Epox-easy is easier to clean and wipe off excess grout, and the unique pigmentation system reduces the risk of staining.

Saint-Gobain Weber, Tiisetso Mokotjo,
Email: Tiisetso.Mokotjo@saint-gobain.co.za, www.weber-tylon.co.za