Wise Career Choices

The Magnet Group, specialists in the supply, implementation and support of electrical equipment, industrial instrumentation and automation, hosted a group of Protec Grade 12 learners at the company’s Durban head offices recently.
Protec is a national non-profit technological career development programme for senior school students from disadvantaged communities which runs in conjunction with provincial education departments.
This holistic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education programme relies on funding from private sector sponsors to support the growth and development of technologically skilled learners.
The programme begins in Grade 10, continues through tertiary education and provides support in the early years of the work place. Learners not only benefit from academic support, social skills training and career counselling, but they are also offered exposure to work environments.
“The Magnet team was pleased to host these enthusiastic Protec learners who enjoyed a course on basic electricity, with highlights about energy efficient lighting and renewable energy. The group was taken on a tour of Magnet’s interactive showroom, environmentally-friendly offices and the Energywise lighting lab, which boasts the latest energy saving technologies,” says Samantha MacDonald, Magnet’s junior marketing manager.
“The visit also included a brief session on career guidance, to help learners make informed and wise career choices.”

Magnet, Samantha MacDonald, Tel: (031) 274-1998
Email: samantham@magnetgroup.co.za, www.magnetgroup.co.za